UK Management and Expectations Survey

This past year has been unprecedented for businesses and industries across the board, so we’re delighted to be able to deliver some good news.

CLI took part in the 2020 UK Management and Expectations Survey (MES) and has excelled in all four categories.

What is the MES study about?

The UK has been in a nationwide productivity slump for the past decade, according to Andy Haldane, Chair for the Industrial Strategy Group, and this survey was developed to investigate the links between management practices and labour productivity.

The aim of the findings was to better understand the root causes and effects of the varying management practices in UK businesses. Across a very broad sample – the largest survey ever undertaken of UK management capabilities – they found significant associations between management policies and practices, and productivity.

This study is organised by the Office for National Statistics.

What are the results?

The four categories of the survey were: Continuous Improvement, KPIs, Targets, and Employment Practices. Companies were scored against other businesses within their industry sector; in CLI’s case, this was the Administrative and Support Services Industry. CLI, specialist Debt Collection Agency, performed excellently across all four categories, scoring well above average in Continuous Improvement, KPIs, and Employment Practices, and showing accurate scores for Targets.

In particular, and perhaps most importantly, the study found that higher levels of productivity were most linked to two categories, Continuous Improvement and Employment Practices, both of which CLI performed exceptionally well in.

CLI’s strength in management and productivity

CLI prides itself on its excellent management practices, and it’s wonderful news to see this confirmed in a national survey. We also pride ourselves on our outstanding professional results within debt collection, and so it’s no surprise to us that one should feed the other. As Haldane said of the survey’s conclusion: “Productivity is ultimately the key determinant of our living standards.” In other words, a happy company is ultimately a hard-working company.

For example, in 2019, CLI made an increased budget available to those staff members wishing to self-improve and acquire further qualifications. Many of our staff members took up this offer, and by providing quality training, we now have a more incentivised and knowledgeable team. In offering more, we gained more.

We endeavour to continue this positive culture – of excellent management practices feeding excellent work output – within the debt collection industry, and in doing so, continue to be a leading debt recovery agency specialising in debt collection and international debt collection.

CLI is a Debt Collection Agency established in Kent and specialising in debt recovery, international debt collection and international Letter Before Action.