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CLI Debt Collection : 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been an eventful year and we would like to thank all of our clients for their continued support.

The start of the year was steady and we quickly felt the sign of a return to normality in the spring as the first invites for real meetings started arriving.

As a first overseas outing, I was able to attend the AGM of FIGEC, the largest professional association for French Collection Agencies, Corporate Credit Information providers and Private Investigators at the end of March. This was my first opportunity to visit several French clients, in and around Paris and Lyon.

In April 2022, to our delight, we were invited to join a network of over 400 UK exporters proud to be selling internationally and contributing to UK export business growth: CLI are now officially a DIT Export Champion! We have already started sharing our experiences with many UK Exporting Companies throughout 2022 and we are getting ready to do even more in 2023.

We invite all our clients to make exporting one of their 2023 New Year’s resolutions. For starters, you should check out the following links which should prove to be extremely helpful:

=> How to start selling internationally

=>Identifying export competitors

=> Start trading internationally

Business travel continued to increase thanks to the return of the Concilium AGM in Paris in May, and the EOS and FENCA annual conferences in Amsterdam in June, followed by an opportunity to visit our partners in Belgium in early July.

We were also invited by the DIT to apply for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) and we submitted our application in August. Sadly, we were not successful but we really look forward to receiving official feedback next spring and we will most certainly reapply in 2023.

In September, a very successful CSA UKCCC Conference took place in Manchester. We were also able to make a very overdue trip to Italy to visit our local partner there.

In October, we attended a trade exhibition in a new sector and we are still following up on leads from this very successful event. My last trip of the year was a pleasant albeit rainy outing to the South West of France (Sarlat) for the half-year Concilium meeting which takes place in a different French region each year.

TCM Group WORLD CONGRESS did not resume in 2022 but this huge global event will restart in Paris in April 2023 and I look forward to meeting many of our overseas partners there. Last time we met in person was in Seoul in May 2019…

Since COVID hit, CLI has continued to run a very successful organisation albeit in a very different environment. We do pretty much everything differently now but we have achieved a smooth transition into this new post-COVID era and we remain one of a handful of fast growing and financially strong small debt collection agencies in the UK. Check us out!

Have a fantastic Christmas and a successful 2023

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