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Debt Recovery Services

International Letter Before Action (LBA)

As part of CLI Debt Recovery range of services, you can purchase an International LBA at any time from our client area. When you have done everything right, supplied your goods of services to your client, sent your Credit Control 7-day, 14-day and 21-day reminders, our International LBA will often add a little bit extra to your credit control procedure and generate additional payments, without the need to engage into a fully blown debt collection procedure. To try it out, click here, select your letter and create your account. You will most probably come back for more. Our letters are designed for accounts which have just turned overdue but do feel free to use them for any account of any age too, if you feel it could generate renewed engagement from your customer. And if the country you are looking for is not listed, contact us and we will promptly add it on.


Worldwide Tracing & assets investigations

This Debt Recovery service is only available in connection with a debt collection matter handled by CLI.

Before a debt can be collected, it is essential to locate the debtor. People move address sometimes and people with unpaid liabilities tend to move more often. When collecting debts from consumers or traders (non-limited companies) who may have closed their shop, if is essential to access a quality tracing service. CLI can trace your UK debtors effectively. Where your debtors have moved abroad, our local TCM office in the relevant country will also have means to find a new address, determine a source of income, check property ownership, insolvency registers, etc. The price of this service will vary according to the country where the investigations need to take place. Where required, your dedicated collector will quote for this service to achieve the settlement of the debt.


Worldwide added value Credit Information

This service is only available in connection with a debt collection matter handled by CLI.

The TCM network has very good access to local credit information and is able to supply tailor-made credit reports upon request. So, when you need to assess a debtor’s ability to pay, prior to commencing legal action for example, this is a service which is well worth using. In the UK, we have instant access to online credit information which we need to check the status of the companies we are chasing for payment. There are many credit information providers in the UK that offer this service as standalone.


Legal Translations

Acolad are our partner for legal translations. They are the European leader in translation services and one of the most dynamic businesses in its industry.  Acolad’s Legal Translations business unit offer certified translation and legalisation, 24/7.

Translating legal documents requires more than linguistic skills. Our contacts throughout the entire Acolad network understand a wide variety of legal concepts and documents such as contracts, terms & conditions, court judgments, authentic instruments, arbitration awards, dispute resolutions, etc. Acolad works alongside our Debt Recovery Services.

Acolad has a suitable expert for every translation project and our dedicated contacts are able to return a quote and carry out the translation of your legal documents within the same day if required, in over 300 language pairs, and is ISO certified for quality.

At CLI, thanks to the premium translation service from our translation partners Acolad, the enforcement of your foreign judgments will not be held up.


Free 1 hour credit health check

Credit Limits International Ltd can advise on how to improve your cashflow. We carry out a very thorough credit health check and help small businesses get their paperwork in order, use simple order to invoice to cash online tool, implement simple and effective payment chasing procedures to get paid on time, avoid bad debt and improve their bank balance.


Factoring Services

If you require professional factoring services of an excellent standard, CLI highly recommend Bibby financial services.

Bibby Financial Services is the UK’s leading independent invoice finance specialist and a trusted provider of funding solutions to over 7,000 businesses. Through our network of 18 local offices, we handle annual client turnover of £4.9 billion and advance in the region of £415m to small and medium sized businesses throughout the country. Formed in 1982, we are members of ABFA (the Asset Based Finance Association) and support businesses in over 300 industry sectors.

UK Business Funding

If you require a reputable and reliable business finance company in the UK we highly recommend SME business finance.

Often when running a business, you can’t see the wood for the trees. You spend money on things you don’t need or you lose a lump sum out of your cash for something you’ve bought and you’re left with virtually nothing. There are various ways of raising the much-needed investment. Whether it is through Asset finance, anything from your computers to your lighting, vehicle finance for your new or used company car, or loans to help with virtually any business purpose. SME Business Finance is poised to help businesses when things get tough.

It costs nothing for SME Business Finance to have a look and see if they can help you and your business. Visit www.SMEBF.co.uk


Credit Insurance

At CLI we are proud to work with a credit insurance broker that will give you full access to the entire credit insurance market and supply you with the best provider without paying an extra penny. This is the way to partner up with a credit insurance company which caters for your specific needs.

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