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At CLI, we believe that a Letter Before Action (LBA) can only have an impact with debtors based outside of the UK if it is in their native language and if it is using the appropriate tone and style of communication. In other words, it should sound like the LBA your overseas clients are used to receiving in their own country.

Our online shop describes each Letter Before Action, country by country. If the country you are interested in is not yet listed, please contact us and we will promptly add it to the list.

Our International Letter Before Action have been drafted with the assistance of our international partners network and we think they constitute the best chance of generating a response from your late paying customers, short of commencing a fully drawn out debt collection procedure.

Our Letter Before Action are more suited for early stage debt collection and aim at promoting communication with your slow paying customers. They are at their most effective when used 60 days past the durt date of your invoices.

So, when you think you have done all you can to try and engage with your late paying overseas customers and they have not replied to you, try our online shop and order your International Letter Before Action today.

Our organisation has over 10 years expertise as a Kent debt collection agency specialising in debt collection, international debt collection , international trace investigation, affiliations and accreditations services.

Credit Limits International has a wide range of debt collection agents and experts in a wide range of countries. Our organisation is also an active member of reputable organisations including the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) as well as the TCM Group, leading provider of international debt collection services since 1987.

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