Kent Debt Collection Agency – Why CLI?

 Why should you use Credit Limits International, leading Debt Collection Agency in Kent?


I could come out with the usual general cheesy statement like “Because we’re the best” and “Because we are passionate about collecting debts”, both of which being true of course. However, I wouldn’t like to insult your intelligence and expect you to believe that without proof. After all, you might not know us yet. Once you have worked with us you will realise that we quite often exceed clients’ expectations.

On the subject of clients, we Collect Debts for Kent SMEs, blue chip companies, Insolvency Practitioners, Exporters, Recruitment Companies, Car Manufacturers, Garages, High Street Brands and everyone in between.

Like our MD says we are like a GPs’ Surgery: people come to us when they are sick, sick of not getting paid on time, or when they can no longer bear using up their time chasing cash which should already be in their bank account!  Perhaps we should change this perspective. Every Company should establish a connection with a Debt Collection Agency long before they have a problem. That way, when a customer fails to pay on time, you can call a Debt Collection professional for free advice on what to do next. This is how CLI treats all their clients.

Here are the great organisations CLI is involved with:


1. The Credit Services Association (CSA)


The Credit Services Association are the only national UK trade association for companies active in the debt collection and debt purchase industry. As a full member, we adhere to the CSA Code of Practice.We are very proud to have received the only award ever targeted to a small Debt Collection Agency. The CM magazine described our award by highlighting the fact that CLI as a small member plays a vital role by ensuring quality services delivery, and providing specialist services tailored to the individual needs of their clients.”


2. The Federation of European National Collection Association (FENCA)


 CLI is an active member of FENCA, umbrella organisation for National Associations of Collection Agencies in Europe, and is lobbying Lawyers are currently working on a European GDPR Code of Conduct which should enable all Debt Collection Agencies signatory to the Code to be registered as GDPR compliant, with regular audits being carried out.


3. The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM)


Pierre Haincourt (Our Managing Director) is a member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and has served as a Board Member of the Kent Branch of the CICM between 2009 and 2018. Several CLI Debt Collectors are currently studying towards their CICM qualifications.


4. TCM Group International


CLI is the sole UK shareholder of TCM Group International. TCM Group International is an International Debt Collection Agency network comprising of 167 offices in over 140 countries. This unique global alliance of local Debt Collection Agencies is your key strength for delivering a reliable, effective and compliant International Debt Recovery Service.


5. Concilium


Concilium is a non profit oranisation of European owner managed Debt Collection Agencies, to which CLI is a member of. The organisation have joined forces to offer a European doorstep Debt Collection Service to their respective clients.


CLI is a member of the FIGEC. FIGEC is the largest professional body for Debt Collection Agencies in France. Its membership also comprises Credit Information providers and Private Detective, reminding us that in order to provide a full Debt Collection Service, Debt Collection Agencies need to be able to connect with debtors. This often needs finding their current residential or business address and ensure that they are solvent and able to pay their debt.


5. French Chamber of Great Britain


CLI is an active member of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce of Great Britain. The French Chamber of Commerce is based in London and is the largest foreign Chamber in Great Britain. It was established in 1883.


6. Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

By joining the KICC, CLI’s main goal is to ensure prompt payment practices throughout the Kentish business network. We are continuing to offer our quality Debt Collection Services to Kent based businesses members or non-members of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce with regular promotions being offered to improve payment culture in Kent including free seminars and best practices information release for Debt Collection in Kent and assist Kentish businesses with all their Debt Recovery needs.


7. Workplace Well being Charter


In 2015 CLI was presented with the Kent Healthy Business Award for having a high level of ongoing commitment to positive change within the work force to promote employees’ good health and the awarding body stated that CLI was an employer of choice and a successful and happy workplace for its employees.


8. Faversham Traders Association


CLI is also a member of the Faversham Traders Association providing support to the local business community by offering advice and professional expertise in debt recovery and related services.


In a nutshell, CLI have a great name when it comes to delivering a quality Debt Recovery Service. We are members of some of the most prestigious Debt Collection Agency Associations in the world. It must be said that these do not just let anybody and everybody become members. They have rigorous vetting procedures in place to ensure that they only select the best Debt Collection Agencies as members. If a Debt Collection Agency falls short of their compliance requirements, they quite simply revoke their membership.