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CLI UK Debt Collection Agency  awarded export champion by the DTI

We are excited to share that CLI has been awarded the title of Export Champion by the DTI. With all of the uncertainty in recent times having a significant impact on the export industry, we are delighted to have been recognised for our hard work.

What is an Export Champion?

The Department of Trade and Industry grants the title Export Champion to businesses across the UK who are setting the standard for selling abroad, as part of the Department for International Trade’s ‘Export is GREAT‘ campaign. This award recognises ambassadors for exporting and allows them to network with each other via the campaign in order to share successes, offer advice and inspire others. We are delighted to be considered one of the companies leading by example.

What is the ‘Export is GREAT’ campaign?

The ‘Export is GREAT’ campaign aims to raise the popularity of exporting after a difficult few years for the industry. It builds awareness of the benefits of exporting and works as a database of information for companies to use for support. Ultimately, its goal is to inspire more businesses to start trading overseas or to expand their current reach if they already do so, which is something we at CLI also feel passionate about.

Why CLI?

We are thrilled that our efforts over the past 13 years as an international debt collection specialist are being recognised by such a prestigious and important body as foreign debt collection experts. We aim to assist exporters with all aspects of expanding internationally, whether that’s approaching a brand new market or improving existing practices. We strongly believe that we fit the definition of Export Champion because of the wealth of valuable information that we can provide to exporters. We have extensive local knowledge of various markets and are able to offer comprehensive support regarding client risk assessments, local customs when it comes to payment terms, terms and conditions which will best protect exporters in case of non-payment, and ultimately, debt collection advice if necessary.

International trading is going through huge changes, so it’s vital that exporters are protected against the risk of non-payment, becoming victims of fraud, and shipping to companies presenting a reputational risk. We believe exporting has more benefits than drawbacks and that all companies deserve to reap them – and with the right help and assistance, they definitely can.

We endeavour to live up to the title of Export Champion by continuing to be a leading debt collection agency and helping exporters in any way we can.

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