Debt Recovery Agency in Kent

CLI – Fastest Growing an Financially Stable Debt Recovery Agency in Kent


Plimsoll Publishing Ltd, the business intelligence company, released a Debt Collection Agency market analysis in June 2018 which assessed the 193 top UK Debt Collection Agencies.

Plimsoll rated Credit Limits International Ltd the fastest growing and financially stable debt recovery Agency as follows:

“You are outperforming some of the big name players and holding your own in this highly competitive market. You are one of only 83 Debt Collection Agencies to have been rated as strong. Your company is the 110th largest Debt Collection Agency on the UK market. You are also the 71st most profitable Debt Collection Agency. You are the 15th fastest growing Debt Collection Agency in the UK. Your company is one of 82 Debt Collection Agencies to have seen their value rise in the last 12 months.”

Worryingly, the Plimsoll Debt Collection Agency sector analysis also reported that 48 of our competitors were in financial difficulties and would struggle to survive and that competitive pressure was now so intense that a third of Debt Collection Agencies in the UK are making a loss.

If you are looking for a Debt Recovery Agency in Kent for Debt collection in the UK or International Debt Collection, you should make sure that you select a Debt Recovery Agency that applies the highest ethical standards, delivers regular training to its collection team, understands your industry and is capable of delivering a professional Debt Recovery Service tailored to your needs. But above all, you want to be using a Debt Recovery Service provider which is financially stable and that you can rely on in the long term.

Credit Limits International has traded successfully for 10 years and continues to experience a 20% growth per annum. With a debt collection team of over 20 staff, it is large enough to have the technology necessary to provide a professional and reliable Debt Recovery Service to companies of all sizes and from all industry sectors, yet small enough to have the agility and flexibility to implement a specific Debt Recovery approach for each new Debt Collection project to meet individual client requirements.