Debt Collection and Late Payment Sanctions

Debt Collection and late payment – Our latest Case Study when Late Payment Sanctions  fully compensate the creditor.


Context – Debt Involved for International Debt Collection Services

On 1st September 2019 we received a debt collection enquiry from a well-known higher educational institute. They were owed EUR 9,000 from a company based in London for an invoice dated 31st December 2017 and payable on 30th January 2018.

We received very good backup paperwork from the client with a clear audit trail, we were able to work out how the parties first entered into contact and come to an agreement which finally saw a contact get signed. We had the purchase order, invoice and proof that the work was completed to the full satisfaction of the corporate customer of our client.


Our Solution – Efficient and Professional International Debt Collection Process

The case was uploaded on that same day into our debt collection system and debt recovery action began immediately.

6 days later, on 10/09/2019 our client received payment of the principal sum owed (EUR 9,000).

Whilst our client and indeed us were ecstatic that the monies were paid by the debtor company so quickly, we were less than impressed that costs, interest and compensation that had been added to the debt in accordance with “The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013“ had been left outstanding.

We continued our action and pursue for the payment of all these statutory late payment sanctions which any late paying company is now obliged to pay by Law across the EU. Our convincing arguments led the debtor to pay the full £2,487.27 being £1044.39 in late payment interest, £70 in late payment compensation, collection costs of £1144.07 and VAT on collection costs of £228.81. The entire matter was resolved on 01/10/2019.


Outcome – Full Debt Recovery using CLI Expert Debt Collection Services

Full recovery meant that our client had the benefit of using our expert debt collection services for no charge whatsoever. In fact, we added value to his debt. Next time, he may not wait for 1 year and 8 months past the due date of his invoice before he instructs us, and rich of this experience, his customer might start paying his suppliers on time.

But beware: it could all have been very different… As we keep telling our clients, debts are not like a good wine: they do not get better with age and it is good practice to chase them promptly and to escalate your debt recovery action if you want to avoid bad debts.


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